Programme Outline

Format of presentations

Articles: They are organized in 30-minute slots, so each speaker will have a maximum of 20 minutes to present their article, an 8-minute question time, plus two minutes to change speakers.

Demos: They are organized in 18-minute slots, so each speaker will have a period of 15 minutes to present their proposal and interact with the public, plus three minutes to change the demo.

Projects: They are organized in dynamic sessions in which each speaker will have 8 minutes to present their project. The moderator will be in charge of managing the presentations and the interaction with the public.


Access to eduroam is available. The Universidade da Coruña belongs to the eduroam initiative and, therefore, enables users of any organization affiliated with the eduroam initiative to access its wireless network. The visiting user must use the eduroam SSID. The wireless network of the University of Corunna uses the following authentication and encryption protocols: 802.1X, EAP-TTLS, WPA2-AES. Before coming and using the wireless network, we recommend that you check that your organization belongs to the eduroam initiative and that you have configured the service on your device.

If you do not have access to eduroam, you can connect through the udceventos network


  1. Connect from the device to the wifi network udceventos.
  2. Open a web browser, go to any page on the Internet. At that time, a redirection to the authentication portal occurs. In this step, the browser will probably show a warning indicating that browsing is not secure. This warning must be ignored, otherwise the process will not continue.
  3. Select the preferred identity provider (Google, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn). You will be redirected to the provider’s authentication portal. Follow their directions.

Where to lunch near the conference venue

As is customary at SEPLN conferences, participants are given the freedom to choose where to eat and are encouraged to explore the local gastronomy. In this regard, there is an important offer of restaurants in the surroundings of the Plaza de María Pita:

that are concentrated on Capitan Troncoso street:

in the Plaza de María Pita itself:

on Franja street:

and in the Marina (Montoto and Marina avenues):